Roof over your head

A wish for a single mother and her children - to have their own shelter
COLLECTED 589 Kč 100 000 Kč
Every person on this planet has the right to a normal life, healthcare, housing, and education. In many countries, this is spelled out in the main document of the country - the Constitution. And now let's return to reality and remember the remote cities in Africa, where children are forced to walk for hours for water, study and live in huts, give birth and raise children in quite terrible conditions. [video width="576" height="320" mp4=""][/video]   The Bat El Charitable Foundation provides assistance to vulnerable groups of the population, large families and those in need. And despite the fact that this continent is far from us, this does not mean at all that they are different. No, they are the same as we are, but born in worse conditions! We are opening a fundraiser for the construction of a shelter for families in need, together with famous photographer Antonio Cossa, who will help coordinate the project in Africa, directly in Mozambique. The program is aimed at improving living conditions and building a complex of family houses. After discussing with local residents-architects from the capital Maputo, we were offered several options, one of which is the Nubian vault - a semi-circular shape, which is erected from clay and brick without any additives and does not require additional supporting elements. The main advantages of this technology include the ease of construction, as well as the great adaptability of such buildings to arid climates. And finally: traditional raw brick structures are more "stable" than even houses made of wood and thatch, also typical for the African region. This project is estimated at cost about 100,000 kr. and will help 10 large families to find shelter. [video width="576" height="320" mp4=""][/video]