Founder’s life story from Ukraine

We would like to briefly acquaint you with the speech by the main co-founder of the fund, you can understand from her example that nothing is impossible in life!

We are the very institution that can be a haven of protection and support for you.

The purpose of opening a charitable foundation was my personal experience with domestic violence. It would seem that we live in the 21st century, where everyone has the right to self-realization, protection and freedom. In my own example, I can refute this fact.

Anyone may unexpectedly find themselves in a situation where the abuser physically and emotionally suppresses you so much that you only realize it when you are on the verge of death. Not knowing where and to whom to turn for help, women continue to emotionally and slowly kill themselves.

Unfortunately, this can happen in “normal” families, where everything looks fine, but life is hell behind closed doors. In most cases, if this violence is only psychical, without physical interference, then women continue to endure, and sometimes they believe that they are to blame for everything. Some live for the sake of property or children, not understanding that you only live once and it can be lived differently.

Here you can see how, using the example of my photographs, my life gradually improved in the period when I was looking for a way out of the situation, having two children in my arms and being a foreigner, in a foreign country.

Dear women, I want to show you by my example that there is a way out and that life is in fact beautiful and you can live it with dignity and happiness.

I hope that I can help you, regain faith in yourself and in your strength. You should know that you are not alone and you have someone to turn to.